Surf sports is a fun way to build your surf skills.

While Surf Sports is seen very much as the ‘fun’ side of surf life saving, each discipline has an integral role to play in building the surf skills base of our current and future life savers. Surf skills, fitness, judgement and team work are all required through the surf sports season as they are during our patrol season.

What Can I Expect to See at a Surf Carnival?

Surf Life Saving is unique in that it provides opportunities for competitors to participate in the broadest range of sport activities.

  • Ski Paddling
  • Beach Events
  • Surf Swimming
  • Surf Boats
  • Board Riding
  • Board paddling
  • Ironperson Events
  • Rescue and resuscitation
  • March Past
  • Inflatable Rescue Boat competition
  • First Aid Competition
  • Patrol Competition
  • Champion Lifesaver
  • Marathons, Multi-disciplines and Endurance Events
  • Still water competition (pool)

So what ever takes your interest, you're sure to find an event that will be as exciting for the spectators as it is for you.

How Can I Become Involved?

Interested in becoming apart of the Surf Sports circuit? Then simply call you local Surf Life Saving Club and ask them how to become apart of this exciting Summer of Sport.  Contact your nearest club.

Strength and humanity. Passion and commitment. Turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. A national sport, Surf Sports offer a prime training ground for the physical and psychological demands of saving lives in the surf. Junior Surf members, as young as seven get to enjoy the fun and excitement of putting themselves against each other. Regardless of ability or interest, events range from Club based competitions to Regional and National U14 Championships.

Qualified Lifesavers can participate in Surf Sport events, which help build their peak performance for the Tasmanian Championships held in March. Events span the range of rescue skills and test competitors’ strength, fitness and agility in swimming, running, paddling a surf ski, board or rowing a surf boat. 

Being the best you can be may also mean you’re the best in Tasmania - even the best in the world. Certainly, you’ll get to find out. For Lifesavers, Coaches and Officials, undertaking the Surf Life Saving development programmes will open you to a whole world of opportunities.

Surf Sports Manual 

Download the Surf Life Saving Australia Surf Sports Manual, here.