National Careers Week | Ella Griffin

Wednesday 15 May 2024

Boat Harbour Beach SLSC member Ella Griffin is still a relative newcomer to surf lifesaving, however she is finding a way to make her working, studying and volunteering work come together.

As we celebrate National Careers Week, we spoke to Ella about how she's combining all the different parts of her life as a young adult and how surf lifesaving has played a role in it.

Tell us a little bit about how you first got involved in surf lifesaving, and how long you've been involved.
Ella Griffin: I first got involved in surf lifesaving when I was 14, about five years ago.

I started going to surf club because I had a couple friends involved who thought it might be something that I liked - which they were very right about - and because I thought I might like to be a paramedic one day. 

What was it like going from being a clubbie to then taking up some work with Surf Life Saving Tasmania?
EG: I only started working for SLST over the 2023 summer. I had volunteered up until then, and still do now.

It was through volunteering that I learnt about working for SLST and the different opportunities that are available through work in SLST.

I feel like volunteering prior to the work was important for me, as I learnt many of the skills I needed to do my job. 

Talk a little about your role while at SLST.
EG: I work as a lifeguard and ‘community educator’ for SLST, mainly during the summer months.

I’ve been able to lifeguard at many different beaches for many different events, such as school picnics and triathlons.

As a community educator, I’ve had the opportunity to join some awesome community programs – ‘Beach to Bush’, ‘Ready Set Rescue’ and ‘Leap into Lifesaving’. 

Tell us a little about the degree you're studying and how your worlds of volunteering, employment and university have come together to help you advance your future career.
EG: I’m currently studying a Bachelor of Paramedicine at the University of Tasmania.

Before getting involved in surf lifesaving, I thought that I might like to be a paramedic but wasn’t sure if it was something that I could do.

My experiences in surf have helped me develop my skills and confidence to back myself going into this career.

Do you believe others looking to move into the field you are (or similar) would benefit from being involved in surf lifesaving?
EG: Definitely. Surf lifesaving lays down such a good foundation of skills, that are beneficial to anyone.

I’ve found knowledge from SLS overlapping with some of what I’ve been learning in my degree. Being involved in SLS has given me confidence that I can do my chosen career. 

National Careers Week | Ella Griffin