SLST supports largest solstice swim ever

Monday 24 June 2024

As part of Hobart’s Dark Mofo festival, the traditional nude solstice swim took place in the River Derwent on Friday with a record number of participants.

And the new mark of 3000 brave swimmers - one thousand more than ever before - was only made possible due to Surf Life Saving Tasmania’s support of the event.

Any major water-based activity requires water safety to be on-site, yet few events see so many people in the water at the same time.

More than 40 volunteers filled a variety of roles, manning two IRBs and 20 rescue boards in addition to water safety coordinators, flare people and spotters.

Volunteers came from all over Tasmania to take part, while club members from Queensland and South Australia also gave up their time. Donations will be made back to the surf clubs from which the volunteers came from.

“We’re really pleased to be supporting such a great community event which has a unique and uplifting atmosphere,” said Ned Reardon, SLST Senior Coordinator, Lifesaving Services. “SLST has been involved with this event since the very beginning and we’ll continue to work with organisers as the event keeps growing each year.

“Just like the participation numbers were at a record level this year, so was the number of volunteers that we had.”

Organisers said that without the support from SLST club members, the huge rise in participants simply would not be possible.

“We’re really so pleased to have welcomed more people to this event,” said Melissa Edwards, Dark Mofo executive producer. “Every year our demand exceeds our capacity but this year with the help of Surf Life Saving Tas we were able to expand to 3000.”

SLST supports largest solstice swim ever