FREE! Summery holiday program

Sunday 24 December 2023

Free Water Safety Programs this summer

Surf Life Saving Tasmania invites you and your family to join our exciting water safety programs this summer.

Whether you're a child eager to play and learn or an adult seeking confidence in the water, we've got you covered with our two specially designed programs:

Leap into Lifesaving:   Tailored for children aged 5-12, this program combines fun beach activities with essential water safety lessons. Kids will learn about beach flags, rescues, and basic water skills, all while enjoying team games and building their confidence in the water.

Water Safety Sessions : Aimed at adults of all ages and teens (13+), this program focuses on building basic water safety knowledge and surf awareness. Learn to understand beach signs, deal with rips, and develop water skills and confidence to be in, on and around water, with our supporting life savers.

Both programs are scheduled to run on the same day at different beaches around Tasmania:

  • 9.30-11.00am      Leap into Lifesaving, 5-12yrs
  • 11.30 - 1.00pm    Water Safety Sessions,  Adults of all ages, teens 13+

 Join us to ensure a safe and enjoyable summer at the beach!

Click here for further details on our free summer program


FREE! Summery holiday program