Tasmania's Performance at Aussies

Wednesday 12 April 2023

Tasmania had 29 athletes and 5 officials from 7 Tasmanian Surf Life Saving Clubs that traveled across to Perth for the 2023 National Surf Life Saving Championships also known as Aussies.

The 9 days of competition across Scarborough and Trigg Island Beaches saw just over 4500 athletes race the best in their age groups.

Below are the highlights of the results of our Tasmanian athletes, for the full list of results head to LiveHeats

The final day of the Aussies can be replayed on SBS on Demand

Youth Champs

Jordy Armitstead – Port Sorell – U15

  • Quarter finals for Board (11th) and Ironman (12th)
  • Semi Final Surf Race (17th) – one place off making final, only took 16.
  • Beach flags (19th)
  • 2km Ocean Swim (9th)

Will Mackinnon – Carlton Park – U15

  • Semi final of board race (9th) – one place off making final, only took 8.
  • Quarter final surf race (27th)
  • Beach flags (24th)
  • Ironman heat (12th)

Luka Jackson – Burnie – U15

  • 2km Beach Run (5th)
  • Beach Flags (28th)
  • Quarter finals for Ironman (9th) and Surf Race (22nd)

Hudson Hyland – Wealands – Devonport – U14

  • Beach sprint made to Semifinal but got Dq’d – a good learning experience
  • 2km beach run (14th)
  • Beach flags (31st)

Oscar Dover – Burnie – U13

  • Beach Flags (16th)
  • Quarter final Ironman (21st)
  • Semi Final Surf Race (17th)



Carlton Park

  • 50-54yrs Male Double Ski final 6th – Dave Russel-Green & Michael Moschogianis
  • 170yrs Male Surf Teams 4th – Don Marsh, Dave Russel-Green & Michael Moschogianis
  • 170yrs Male Single Ski Final 17th - Don Marsh, Dave Russel-Green & Michael Moschogianis
  • 170yrs Male Taplin Final 11th - Don Marsh, Dave Russel-Green & Michael Moschogianis
  • 45-49yrs Female Board Rescue 7th – Anna Sargent & Andrea Wolfert
  • 75yrs + Male Board Rescue 5th – Mark Manning & Don Marsh

Mark Manning – 75yrs +

  • Surf race final (5th)
  • Board rescue with Don (5th)
  • 2km Ocean Swim (4th)

Don Marsh – 70-74yrs

  • Surf race final (2nd)
  • Ironman Final (2nd)
  • Board final (3rd)
  • Ski final (5th)
  • 2km Ocean Swim (2km)

Michael Moschogianis – 50-54yrs

  • Board final (9th)
  • Ski final (4th)
  • Ironman final (11th)

Dave Russell-Green – 55-59yrs

  • Surf race final (12th)
  • Ironman Final (12th)

Anna Sargent – 45-49yrs

  • Board final (6th)
  • Surf race final (12th)
  • Ski final (5th)
  • Ironwoman final (2nd)
  • 2km Beach Run (4th)

Andrea Wolfert –  45-49yrs

  • Board final (15th)
  • Surf Race final (10th)


  • 150yrs Single Ski Relay 10th – Craig Machen, Jeremy Norton & Stuart Paine
  • 55-59yrs Double Ski 13th – Craig Machen & Jeremy Norton

RRiSK Masters Women Boat Crew 200yrs min – 4th

  • Ian Guest (Sweep)
  • Steph Prendergast
  • Roz Watkins
  • Kim Harland
  • Rachel Gray

Jeremy Norton – 60-64yrs

  • Ski final (5th)

Craig Machen – 55-59yrs

  • Quarter final ski (9th)
  • Semi final ski

Stuart Pain – 45-49yrs

  • Semi final ski

Clifton Beach

Richard Boult – 60-64yrs

  • Surf race final (22nd)
  • 2km Beach Run (5th)


Mel Flynn – 50-54yrs

  • Surf race final (20th)
  • Board race semifinal (14th)
  • Beach flags (14th)
  • 2km Beach Run (9th)

Kingston Beach

Megan Stronach

  • Surf race final 5th
  • 2km Ocean Swim 4th




  • Open Male Double Ski – Brad Rubock & Nathan Cross - Semi final 10th (out only took top 8)
  • Open Mixed Double Ski: Burnie B – Brad Rubock and Elsie Menzie – Semifinal missed cut off
  • Open Mixed Double Ski: Burnie A – Nathan Cross and Georgia Askew – Quarterfinal missed out
  • U19 Female Double Ski – Georgia Askew and Elsie Menzie – Final 16th
  • Open Male Single Ski Relay – Brad Rubock, Nathan Cross, Brennan Machen – Semifinal 13th

Georgia Askew U19

  • Iron quarterfinal 12th 
  • Board race quarterfinal 10th 
  • Single Ski Semifinal 9th (took 8)
  • Surf race semifinal 17th (took 16)

Elsie Menzie U19

  • Board race quarterfinal 12th 
  • Single Ski Semifinal

Brennan Machen – Open

  • Open male single ski quarter final 14th

Brad Rubock – Open

  • Single Ski rd1 9th (took 8)

Nathan Cross – Open

  • Single Ski quarterfinal 11th


Jack Latham – U17

  • Gold 2km Beach Run 1st
  • Iron heat 12th 
  • Board race heat 15th 
  • Surf race quarter final 24th 

Oceania Eustace – U17

  • Iron heat 13th 
  • Board Race Quarterfinal 9th (took 8)
  • Single Ski Quarterfinal 
  • Beach flags 42nd


Tasmanian had 5 Surf Sport Officials volunteer at Aussies, Geoff Lyons (Launceston), Mark “Larry” Lehman (Burnie), Craig Mackinnon (Carlton Park), Liz Eustace (Ulverstone) and Jacqueline De Jonge (Burnie). Anna Sargent (Carlton Park) also stepped up to Official when announcers requested more Officials to assist.

Liz Eustace and Jacqueline De Jonge were 2 of 4 people nationally to receive a SLSA Official Scholarship. The scholarship enabled an insight and all access pass to all areas of the Aussies Championships, with a day being mentored by and shadowing carnival referee - Don Van, attend safety and emergency committee (SEMC) meetings, and attend social dinners and networking evenings with other the other scholarship recipients, officials and carnival organisational management committee.  

Tassie Expat Results

Alex Woodhouse (Burnie) now Maroochydore – Silver U19 Male Taplin, U19 Male Single Ski Relay 9th in Final, made the final for the U19 Male Single Ski.

Dylan Askew (Burnie) now Northcliffe – U19 Male Single Ski Relay 12th in Final, made the semifinal for the U19 Male Single Ski.

Cooper Armitstead (Port Sorell) now Maroochydore – U19 Male Single Ski Relay 11th in Final, made quarter final for U19 Male Board Race, made the quarter final for the U19 Male Single Ski.

Phoebe Woodhouse (Burnie) now Maroochydore – Gold rescue tube rescue open, Silver rescue tube rescue in U19

Sam North (Burnie) now Northcliffe – Silver Mixed Double Ski, 5th in Open Male Single Ski Final

Tom North (Burnie) now Northcliffe – Gold Open Male Taplin, made the Final for Open Mixed Double Ski with Georgia Laird.

Simon Murphet (Devonport) now Burleigh Head Mowbray Park – Gold Open Male Board Relay, 4th in Open Male Taplin Final.

Allie (Britton) Lyndon (Carlton Park) now Kurrawa – Gold Open Female 2km beach run, Bronze Open Female 2x 1km Beach Run Relay

Max Chislet (Carlton Park) now Kurrawa – Gold in U19 2km Beach Run

Tasmania's Performance at Aussies