Tasmanian Surf Teams League, Teams Announced!

Friday 08 January 2021


The Tasmanian Surf Teams League (TSTL) is a fast paced 90 minute event to be run at the conclusion of a traditional carnival on the afternoon of the Burnie and Clifton Open events.

8 teams of 8 competitors will be selected from clubs around the state. Not Club on Club but Mate on Mate!

Short courses with as much action on the sand as in the ocean.

Points will be accumulated across the two rounds and the inaugural TSTL champions will be crowned.

Olivia Smith, Kingston Beach (Open)
Claire Hanson (Captain), Devonport (Open)
Georgia Askew, Burnie (Open)
Brennan Machen, Burnie (Open)
James Fullarton, Clifton Beach (U15)
Ben Burbury, Port Sorell (Open)
Amelia McKenna, Penguin (U15)
Ryan Cahill, Burnie (U15)
Hayley Sly, Clifton Beach (Open)
Harry Guys, Burnie (Open)

Ella Smith, Kingston Beach (Open)
Ashley Parker, Devonport (Open)
Jai Mollison, Burnie (Open)
Jess Lehman, Burnie (Open)
Cooper Armistead, Port Sorell (Open)
Kim Harland, Burnie (Open)
Aran O’Neil, Ulverstone (U15)
Marley King, Burnie (U15)
Mackenzie Towns, Penguin (U15)
Ben Hart, (Captain), Port Sorell (Open)

Maya Chapman, Clifton Beach (U15)
Hunter Cooper, Burnie (Open)
Amelia Burbury, Port Sorell (Open)
Je Joon Littler, Devonport (Open)
Courtney Dowling, Clifton Beach (Open)
Hollie Smith, Port Sorell (U15)
Sam Castle, Carlton Park (U15)
Tempest Enright-Norris, Kingston Beach (U15)
Anthony Chapman, (Captain), Clifton Beach (Open)
Dustin O’Neil, Ulverstone (Open)

Lucy Dalco, Kingston Beach (Open)
Callum Dobbie, Burnie (Open)
Elsie Menzies, Burnie (Open)
Lachlan Frame, Port Sorell (Open)
Liam Grieve, Burnie (Open)
Jono Cahill, (Captain), Burnie (Open)
Jacob Clothier, Carlton Park (U15)
Zara Appleby, Carlton Park (U15)
Ollie Pooley, Clifton Beach (Open)
Asta Mitchelmore, Clifton Beach (Open)

Anna Sargent, Carlton Park (Open)
Oliver Bailey, Devonport (Open)
Connor Van der Ploeg, (Captain), Burnie (Open)
Lachlan Hutton, Carlton Park (Open)
Maeve Grieve, Burnie (Open)
Deegan Hendrik, Burnie (U15)
Emily Anders, Burnie (U15)
Alex Stolp, Carlton Park (U15)
Dan Reardon, Clifton Beach (Open)
Mary Clingeleffer, Clifton Beach (Open)

Matilda Dalco, Kingston Beach (Open)
Brooke Scott, Burnie (Open)
Alex Woodhouse, Burnie (Open)
Tully O’Neil, Ulverstone (Open)
Oenone Schofield, Clifton Beach (U15)
Steph Prendergast, (Captain), Burnie (Open)
Noah Grey, Penguin (U15)
Ruby Smith, Kingston Beach (U15)
Landon Dobson, Devonport (Open)
Lachlan Cahill, Burnie (Open)

Declan Saunders, Devonport (Open)
Archer Peart, Carlton Park (U15)
Isaac Malley, Burnie (Open)
Ella Harland, Burnie (Open)
Lachlan Mackinnon, Carlton Park (Open)
Olivia Smith, Port Sorell (Open)
Hannah Temple, Ulverstone (U15)
Jess Walshe (Captain), Burnie (Open)
Fletcher Kable, Penguin (U15)
Phoebe Woodhouse, Burnie (Open)

Connor Polden, Devonport (Open)
Dylan Askew, Burnie (Open)
Grace Harland, Burnie (Open)
Mia Bugg, Burnie (Open)
Jono Price, (Captain), Burnie (Open)
Antony Appleby, Carlton Park (Open)
Seth Armistead, Port Sorell (U15)
Zoe Drane, Burnie (U15)
Kate Reardon, Clifton Beach (Open)
Cate Clingeleffer, Clifton Beach (U15)



Tasmanian Surf Teams League, Teams Announced!