2019 Lifesaving Development Camp

Monday 07 January 2019

The 2019 Lifesaving Development Camp is underway in Ulverstone.  This is the fifth year SLST has conducted the camp for surf lifesavers aged 16-20 years.This is the fourth camp run in the original format, with the 2016 camp offering a modified program to participants.  SLST established the camp through a 3 year partnership with the Bass District Lifesaving Development Camp in Victoria. 

The Lifesaving Development Camp trains using the Experiential Learning Theory (ELT) education model. ELT uses scenario based training to give candidates the opportunity to experience realistic emergency scenes to practice their lifesaving skills. Scenarios are designed and conducted under the guidance of specially trained facilitators and safety officers. 

Congratulations to the Management Team, Leaders and Candidates of this years camp.

For more information about this years camp, contact the Camp Coordinator, Chris Jacobson on 0488 572 430.

2019 Lifesaving Development Camp