What is the Lifesaving Development Camp?

The Lifesaving Development Camp (or commonly known as 'Dev Camp')  is a 7-day live in program to develop and enhance the knowledge and skills of young people to the next level.  

Since 2014, the camp has developed to suit the needs of our state and members and what has evolved is a program that prepares Tasmania's youth  take on more responsibility in their patrol teams, their own clubs and the wider community.  This is achieved by providing the young people who attend the Lifesaving Development Camp with a higher level of award training, and exposure to exciting, fast-paced simulated lifesaving scenarios. Camp attendees will use the standard patrolling equipment to manage ‘No Notice’ scenarios that become more complex as their skills develop. This style of delivery uses expert feedback to cement skills and knowledge in a relevant and practical medium.

Successful participants of the Lifesaving Development Camp will receive awards in First Aid, Advanced Resuscitation Techniques, IRB Crewperson Certificate and Silver Medallion IRB Driver (If applicable). 

Scenario Based Training

The Lifesaving Development Camp trains using the Experiential Learning Theory (ELT) education model. ELT uses scenario based training to give candidates the opportunity to experience realistic emergency scenes to practice their lifesaving skills. Scenarios are designed and conducted under the guidance of specially trained facilitators and safety officers. While evaluations of the past programs highlight the value of scenario based training for development of candidate skills, some participants may feel some emotional stress participating in such realistic training.

Scenarios may include but are not limited to: spinal cord injury, heart attack, asthma attach, anaphylaxis, car or boating accident, burns, fractures, breaks, cuts and abrasions, missing person. If you have concerns about your ability to participate in these scenarios, please contact the Camp Coordinator (details above) to discuss your concerns.

When & Where

When: Sunday 7th January 2024 - Saturday 13th January 2024 (Daily)

Where: Ulverstone Surf Life Saving Club 

Management Team Applications - January 2024


• 18 years at time of program (21 years and over preferred)
• Experience in previous leadership roles on Lifesaving Development Camps or similar
development programs

• 18 years at time of program
• Experience in previous Lifesaving Development Camps or similar development programs

LDC Personnel Role Descriptions

The nomination process:

To nominate for the 2024 Management Team, please complete the online nomination form;


Selection of Senior Coordination roles will be prioritised, then the other positions within the Management Team. Eligible members to submit online nomination forms by the following dates:
• All Positions by 5pm, Friday 7th July 2023.