National Leadership College 

The National Leadership College (NLC) is an annual leadership and development program recognising young leaders in Surf Life Saving (SLS) aged between 20 and 30 years.  The NLC provides an exciting opportunity for young people within the movement to further develop their leadership skills and continue to positively contribute to the success of SLS.

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Applications are due to SLST by email ( before Wednesday 16th November 2022.

Surf Life Saving Tasmania Lifesaving Development Camp (LDC)

What is the Lifesaving Development Camp?

The Lifesaving Development Camp (or commonly known as 'Dev Camp')  is a 7-day live in program to develop and enhance the knowledge and skills of young people to the next level.  

Since 2014, the camp has developed to suit the needs of our state and members and what has evolved is a program that prepares Tasmania's youth  take on more responsibility in their patrol teams, their own clubs and the wider community.  This is achieved by providing the young people who attend the Lifesaving Development Camp with a higher level of award training, and exposure to exciting, fast-paced simulated lifesaving scenarios. Camp attendees will use the standard patrolling equipment to manage ‘No Notice’ scenarios that become more complex as their skills develop. This style of delivery uses expert feedback to cement skills and knowledge in a relevant and practical medium.

Successful participants of the Lifesaving Development Camp will receive awards in First Aid, Advanced Resuscitation Techniques, IRB Crewperson Certificate and Silver Medallion IRB Driver (If applicable). 

Scenario Based Training

The Lifesaving Development Camp trains using the Experiential Learning Theory (ELT) education model. ELT uses scenario based training to give candidates the opportunity to experience realistic emergency scenes to practice their lifesaving skills. Scenarios are designed and conducted under the guidance of specially trained facilitators and safety officers. While evaluations of the past programs highlight the value of scenario based training for development of candidate skills, some participants may feel some emotional stress participating in such realistic training.

Scenarios may include but are not limited to: spinal cord injury, heart attack, asthma attach, anaphylaxis, car or boating accident, burns, fractures, breaks, cuts and abrasions, missing person. If you have concerns about your ability to participate in these scenarios, please contact the Camp Coordinator (details above) to discuss your concerns.

When & Where

When: Sunday 8th January 2023 - Saturday 14th January 2023 (Daily)

Where: Ulverstone Surf Life Saving Club 

Management Team - January 2023

Camp Coordinator                        Eloise Bound (Devonport SLSC)

Deputy Coordinator                      Rhys Evans (Bicheno SLSC)

Scenario Coordinator                   Moira Black (Carlton Park SLSC)

Scenario Coordinator                   Alice Bent (Carlton Park SLSC)

Timetable Coordinator                Olivia Eade (Carlton Park SLSC)

Equipment Coordinator               Nathan Williamson (Port Sorrell SLSC)

Head Trainer IRB                           Oliver Bailey (Devonport SLSC)

Leader Coordinator                      Georgia Sherlock (Burnie SLSC)

Leader Coordinator                      Jenna Stacey (Clifton Beach SLSC)


Leaders                                            Morgan Evans (Bicheno SLSC)

                                                           Toby Bailey (Devonport SLSC)

                                                           Olivia Smith (Kingston Beach SLSC)

                                                            Madeleine West (Burnie SLSC)

Candidates Announced

  • Tempest Enright-Norris   - Kingston Beach SLSC
  • Kate Suttor                        - Kingston Beach SLSC
  • Natalie Osborne               - Kingston Beach SLSC
  • Charlotte McCulloch        - Ulverstone SLSC
  • Chloe Jordan                     - Ulverstone SLSC
  • Cayden Moore                  - Ulverstone SLSC
  • Toby Chilcott                     - Ulverstone SLSC
  • Jonty Sherlock                   - Burnie SLSC
  • Emily Anders                     - Burnie SLSC
  • Lily Collins                          - Burnie SLSC
  • Lachlan Ryan                     - Burnie SLSC
  • Aidan O’Hara                     - Burnie SLSC
  • Marley King                       - Burnie SLSC
  • Fletcher Kable                   - Penguin SLSC
  • Amelia McKenna               - Penguin SLSC
  • Jacob Clothier                   - Carlton Park SLSC
  • Holli Fitzgerald                  - Carlton Park SLSC
  • Archer Peart                      - Carlton Park SLSC
  • Sophie Sherlock                - Carlton Park SLSC
  • Zara Appleby                     - Carlton Park SLSC
  • Oliver Burbury                  - Port Sorell SLSC
  • Seth Armitstead                - Port Sorell SLSC
  • Oenone Schofield             - Clifton Beach SLSC
  • Austin Franks                     - Clifton Beach SLSC
  • Elvis Russell                        - Bicheno SLSC
  • Lachlan Burr                      - Devonport SLSC




SLSA Women's Mentoring Program

Nominations are now open for the fourth intake of the SLSA Women’s Mentoring Program!
The Program was first launched as part of our 2020 celebrations to recognise the 40-year milestone of women in SLS on 1 July 2020, kicking off with 20 Mentors and 20 Mentees. We have now 148 Mentors and Mentees involved with the Program. For Cohort 3 we wanted to grow the Program and invited women aged 16+ to join. This was a great success, and we will be doing this again for Cohort 4.
Express your interest here:
Mentor expression of interest form Mentor Link
Mentee expression of interest form Mentee Link
(Nominees need to be over the age 16. We have 2 categories, 16 – 20 and 21 and over)
The closing date for nominations is Sunday 25 September 2022.

Advanced Lifesaving Program

The Advanced Lifesaving Program aims to give Surf Life Saving Tasmania members the opportunity to further their lifesaving skills through training in Advanced First Aid (HLTAID014) and Silver Medallion Aquatic Rescue (SMAR). The live-in program will be run over three days utilising scenario-based training. The program is targeted at members who have experience as lifesavers and leaders on the beach and are now looking to expand their skillset.

This program has concluded for 2022 but more information will be available in 2023