SLSA and SLST IT Systems

Surfguard Access

Access to SLSA's membership database, Surfguard, has changed and is now administered by SLST. By initiating this procedure, we are further enhancing our ability to protect our members personal information and to ensure best practice in mitigating exposure to cyber threats.

Access to SLSA's Surfguard database requires an annual application by SLST Affiliates.  SLST Circular 23-37 outlines the procedure for affiliates to apply for Surfguard access for authorised officers.

Access to all other SLSA IT systems is via Form 049, which is submitted to the SLSA IT Helpdesk for action.

Online IT Help

Access SLSA IT System User Guides, FAQ's and Video Walkthrough's from SLSA's online helpdesk

How To Access The SLST Members App

The SLST Members App is available for free download on the Apple App Store and Goggle Play Store by searching 'SLST Members App' or click on the buttons below: 


Or you can view the desktop Web App here: