Surf Life Saving Tasmania provides volunteer search and rescue services 365 days of the year in a variety of ways:

Surf Rescue

Since 1907 volunteer surf lifesavers have been providing patrols on popular beaches.

Training, equipment and techniques have changed over the years but the vision of ‘Saving Lives in the Water’ has not.

Patrol teams with a range of qualifications, skills and experience work together to provide a safe area for people to enjoy and be there as a first response in case something goes wrong.

Marine Rescue

In September 2011 all Australian Volunteer Coast Guard, Sea Rescue, Marine Rescue groups affiliated with SLST to form Volunteer Marine Rescue and extend our holistic services to an inland, inshore and offshore search and rescue service.

There are 3 groups around the state that respond to boating and search and rescue incidents.  Volunteers are required to assist with radio rooms, crew and skipper vessels.

Emergency Response Teams

SLST’s Regional Emergency Response Teams provide an after-hours callout service to complement and support emergency services through advanced aquatic skills and use of specialised first aid and rescue equipment during times of need.

Advanced skills and training are offered with regional search and rescue exercises for the teams.

Rapid Response Teams

Multi-skilled and highly qualified SLST members form our Rapid Response Team that when requested can respond statewide utilising a range of first response, first aid and search and rescue equipment until other emergency services arrive.

This group primarily uses Rescue Water Craft (RWC’s) or modified personal water craft.


Coastal Safety Report 2023

The Tasmania Coastal Safety Report 2023 is a comprehensive summary and analysis of the research undertaken by Surf Life Saving Australia and Surf Life Saving Tasmania and presents an evidence-based approach to participation, perceptions, surf lifesaving service delivery, coastal drowning deaths and other fatal coastal incidents.

View the Tasmanian Coastal Safety Report here.