Surf Life Saving Australia National Insurance Program

Participating in a surf lifesaving activity can be risky and sometimes hazardous. During times where members are unfortunately injured during participation in authorised activities, SLST maintains a Personal Accident Insurance policy on behalf of members.

The purpose of the policy is to offset some of the losses a member may suffer as a result of being injured. Losses can be medical costs relating to treatment and rehabilitation, or loss of income as a result of not being able to complete occupational duties for an extended period of time. However, not unlike private health insurance SLST Personal Accident Policy does not provide members with 100% coverage on the potential losses and SLST and Clubs are unable to cover these gaps on behalf of members. Federal legislation prevents this type of payment or intervention.

The Personal Accident Policy maintained on behalf of SLST members is the best SLST can purchase on the open market. SLST highly recommends that members take out private health insurance and consider their personal situation, such as additional insurances, like income protection prior to undertaking authorised activities with the Club or SLST.

For more information about the SLSA National Insurance Program and information on how to make a claim visit the JLT SLSA website