COVID-19 Information for Clubs, Units and members

SLST is committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of our members and their extended families. As such, we are working closely with Government and TAS Health on our response to the Coronavirus pandemic and support in containment. 

The novel Coronavirus outbreak represents a significant risk to the community, inclusive of our membership, and preventative measures must be put in place to lessen the impact wherever possible. It is imperative that we continue to review our operational practices to ensure that we meet the changing nature of this crisis.

SLST have developed the policies and guidelines below in conjunction with information provided by The State Government,  The Department of Health, SLSA and other State Bodies to ensure we protect our members, staff, extended families, clients and the general public. This situation is continually evolving and SLST will review, amend and implement new actions as required based on information and guidance provided by the authorities.

COVID-19 Update for Clubs, Units and Members – Roadmap to Recovery, Stage 3, Level C (AIS)

Surf Life Saving Tasmania continues to closely monitor the COVID-19 Pandemic through official sources including the Australian Government Department of Health, Department of Health Tasmania and Department of Sport & Recreation.

The situation is extremely fluid and many organisations are having difficulty interpreting what impact the current Government rules and regulations will have on their activities and their members.

We are aware that many clubs/units and members are keen to resume training activities and usage of clubs and bases.  Here is Tasmania's plan for returning to sport and recreation.

SLST has attempted to distil the information currently available to provide advice to clubs/units and members in Tasmania, based on our interpretation of the changes to regulations and information from other sources. We are urging a common-sense approach to the use of this information and advice and appeal to clubs/units to put the health and safety of their members first at all times. We all have a role in supporting Tasmania’s Roadmap to Recovery.

Surf Life Saving Tasmania affiliated clubs and units are able to open up facilities in line with their COVID-19 Safety Plan and following SLST's State Sporting Organisation (SSO) Resuming Sport COVID Plan.

SLST COVID-19 Plan 200626

26 June 2020              

Further restrictions eased

Tasmanians have continued to do a great job in helping to stop the spread of coronavirus, enabling the easing of further restrictions today.

With the Public Health Direction now finalised, the full details of what Tasmanians can now safely enjoy are outlined as follows, subject to density requirements:

  • 20 visitors to a home in addition to household members
  • 250 people for an undivided space in indoor premises
  • 500 people in an undivided space outdoors
  • Non essential social gatherings should be limited

Maximum density limit is 1 person per 2 square metres.

Specific sport, exercise and recreation conditions

  • Where practical, players and athletes should maintain 1.5 metres from other people. The separation of larger groups into smaller ones should be considered for training.

  • Gathering limit is 500 people (including athletes and support staff) in an undivided space outdoors for community sport and 250 people for an undivided space in indoor premises, or a maximum of 1 person per 2 square metres under the density limit, whichever is less.

  • Sporting activities permitted based on Level C of the AIS Framework for re-booting sport, meaning the following are permitted:
    • Full contact training
    • Full competition sport (contact and non-contact)
    • Sharing equipment when necessary
    • Use of change rooms and other shared facilities
  • Non essential social gatherings should be limited
  • Sporting facilities and gyms must continue to have a staff member or other authorised person on the premises whilst open (maintenance of a record of users is required)
  • Gathering limits and the requirement to maintain physical distancing where practical applies to all sports, exercise and recreation

Assessing Risk to Stay Safe

In assessing the risk of conducting any activity in or around your club/unit, please be aware of the key COVID-19 considerations issued by SafeWork Australia and minimum standards of WorkSafe Tasmania developed with Public Health.

The minimum standards a workplace (clubhouse or unit base) will be required to meet are:

  • manage the risks of a person contracting or spreading COVID-19 in the workplace
  • implement and maintain a cleaning schedule across the workplace
  • have good hygiene procedures and practices (such as washing and/or sanitising of hands)
  • ensure member who have been instructed to quarantine or self-isolate don’t come to the workplace
  • make sure physical distancing requirements are met by workers, contractors and others entering, leaving or moving around the workplace.
  • provide information, training and supervision on how the risks of COVID-19 are to be managed and ensure all processes and procedures are applied by the workers.
  • provide information and instruction to other people who attend the workplace about how they are to comply with your processes and procedures, and make sure they apply them.

Clubs/units are required to be able to demonstrate how you are complying with the minimum standards, if asked by an inspector. Clubs/units will be asked for a completed checklist or COVID-19 Safety Plan (template and checklist have been uploaded into the State Council Team in Microsoft Teams, SLST website and Members App).  A full laminated poster kit, logs, forms, PPE and hand sanitiser has been sent to each club/unit to support your COVID-19 Safety Plan and ensure member safety.

Clubs/units will also need to be able to show any processes or procedures that have been put in place to implement your COVID-19 Safety Plan. The inspector will check to see that your plan and procedures are being applied in your facility.

Club/Unit Activities

Club houses and unit bases should generally remain closed until you have your COVIDSAFE Premise Plan in place.  We encourage all members to read the WorkSafe Tasmania information to have up to date COVID-19 information, relevant to their ongoing ability to continue in these roles during this time, while keeping themselves and their extended family safe. Further information specific to sport and recreation can be found here.

End of season events (such as awards nights, end of season BBQs and AGMs) are not advised at this time. Virtual events or member activities conducted online are encouraged to keep club/unit members connected and engaged. Small executive meetings that comply with the 2m2 per person requirement can be conducted, but again virtual meetings are recommended.

Stage 3 restrictions still come under Level C of the AIS Framework. 

Club gyms can open so long as Stage 3 restrictions are met.

Club bars can open so long as Stage 3 restrictions are met.

Clubs/units should put in place hand sanitation stations at all entrances and ensure soap is readily available. Signage reminding people to maintain physical distancing is recommended. COVID Safe guidelines can be accessed via this link COVID Safe Guidelines.

Member Training and Education 

Please be reminded that the social distancing requirements still need to be observed.

Indoor Bronze Medallion or other training including CPR and First Aid can be resumed, subject to implementing your COVIDSAFE Plan, including cleaning and hygiene. Board rescue/tube rescue training as part of the SRC/Bronze Medallion can now be undertaken. 

It is still advisable to deliver training information virtually using video conferencing technology if possible.

Renewal dates for CPR and First Aid which lapse between 1 March 2020 and 30 June 2020 have been extended until 31 December 2020 for Surf Life Saving purposes only.

Members are encouraged to keep proficient in their knowledge and skills by completing a range of online courses available, including supplementary learning for Patrol Captains (from SLSNSW) and online skills maintenance requirements which will be released by SLSA in late May/early June.

Also available online is safeguarding children and young people awareness training and online courses are available through the SLSA Members Portal. Contact SLST’s Volunteer Support Officers for assistance and support.

Junior Activities

Advice on the return to nippers, and what this looks like for the 2020/21 season will be reviewed under Stage 3 restrictions.  

 Surf Sports Training

The Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) has developed a framework to inform the resumption of sport based on current best evidence and Australian Federal Guidelines. This is the link to the Executive Summary.

All surf sports training and competition can resume provided social distancing and other restrictions are met.

Surfboat rowing, double ski, board rescue, beach flags and relays training are now permitted.

Access to clubhouses and equipment should be alignment with your COVIDSAFE premise plan and the SLST Resuming Sport Safety Plan.

The Cleaning and Disinfectant Principles for COVID-19 can be found here.

Where to from here

Each club and unit will have specific plans, procedures and time frames for resuming activities. Some of these may be guided by local council restriction and/or their ability to ensure all members safety and well being. 

Further Information

The current situation is constantly evolving and changing and we anticipate further relaxation of restrictions will enable Surf Life Saving clubs, Volunteer Marine Rescue bases and members to progressively return to most normal activities and operations in due course. We will continue to monitor the situation, however the protection of members and the public remains our top priority.

SLST will continue to provide updated training advice and information on our dedicated Coronavirus webpage.

COVID-19 Safety Plan Resources are now available on the SLST website and SLST Member App.

For further information or queries on how this may relate to your club or units please contact:

Tony van den Enden at or

Karyn Blakey at

Protecting Our Most Vulnerable Members 

Advice from TAS Heath is that those most at risk from the Coronavirus are the elderly and people with existing health issues. SLST strongly encourages all clubs/units to implement risk management strategies to limit the potential impact on our older members and members with current health issues by implementing social distancing and isolation practices as advised by TAS Health. This is a time for lifesavers to support our at-risk members.

Advice To Patrol Captains / Skippers Dealing With Suspected Cases Of Coronvirus

  • Use issued PPE as per existing protocols with all patients
  • Emphasise to patrol members the importance that if a patient exhibits flu like symptoms (fever, cough, sore throat, difficulty breathing) and/or if it is established that the patient has a high temperature over 38 degrees, withdraw from activities immediately and notify their Patrol Captain/Skipper
  • Patrol Captains and Skippers should notify SurfCom on 13SURF and follow instructions for patient and patrol members. DO NOT broadcast information regarding suspected cases of people with Coronavirus over the radio network
  • DO NOT treat suspected persons with Coronavirus in club/unit First Aid rooms or other areas of the Club/unit, unless there is a dedicated room and the surf lifesaver is wearing appropriate PPE.
  • Patrolling Members who have been directly exposed to confirmed or suspected Coronavirus cases should thoroughly wash their hands with soap and water and follow existing SOPs, then self-isolate and seek medical attention.

Self-Isolation + Quarantine 

Home isolation, quarantine periods and/or the spread of COVID-19 can be stressful and may leave you feeling concerned. There are a range of support services available, including talking to a counsellor or other mental health professional:

Lifeline Tasmania 131114
Beyond Blue 1300 224 636
MensLine Australia 1300 789 978
Kids Helpline Official 1800 551 800
headspace Hobart 1800 650 890
Headspace Launceston 1800 650 890

Emergency Response Operations

SLST recommends that Support Operations activities remain unchanged and clubs/units should maintain callout team preparedness. Refer to the Lifesaving SOPs.LS10 

Our Clubs and Units have been supplied a COVID-19 PPE kit to ensure the safety and well being of our members and the public.

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Staff have begun a staged return to office program, however we are still closed to visitors.  Visitors are required to phone ahead to make an appointment to visit the office.

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