Recreational boating is important to a great many Tasmanians. There are all types of on-water activities including fishing, water skiing, cruising, wake boarding, paddling and using a PWC.

It is important we all are aware of the various issues that may arise to ruin a great day out, so, be prepared and familiarise yourself with the contents to make your boating trip a fun experience you won’t forget.

Basic rules for safe boating:

  • Know the area in which you are boating and seek local knowledge
  • Tell someone where you are going and when you will return
  • Know the limitations of your boat
  • Know your own limitations – if you’re in any doubt, come in
  • Carry the right safety gear and know how to use it
  • Don’t commit yourself to the trip – cancel if the weather is bad
  • Know the load limit of your boat and don’t exceed it
  • Carry some spare fuel and basic spare parts
  • Wear a life jacket at all times on boats 6m and under
  • Keep an eye on the kids and put them in a life jacket at the boat ramp
  • Alcohol and boating don’t mix

If you’re new to boating, remind yourself of these items

  • Take it easy – even the most experienced boaters can get into trouble
  • Knowledge and skills come from experience – this takes time
  • Perhaps start in calm conditions and work your way up
  • Don’t be over confident – a licence means you know the rules but you still have no experience
  • Now that you hold a boat licence, you have the responsibility of your passengers

For more useful safety tips and information about recreational boating and personal water craft, visit the Marine and Safety Tasmania (MAST) website.

If you would like to enrol in a MAST accredited recreational boat licence or PWC (jet ski) course through Surf Life Saving Tasmania click here.