Surf Life Saving Tasmania State Office Team

Chief Executive Officer
Responsible for the overall management of the strategic direction of SLST. Financial stewardship, administrative effectiveness and development of commercial opportunities.  Advising the Board of Directors on strategic and operational planning matters.

Tony van den Enden
03 6216 7800
0417 338 706


General Manager
Responsible for the application of operational aspects of the SLST Strategic Plan. Advising and assisting the CEO and Board on operational matters.

Alison Stubbs 
0447 287 847


Executive Support Officer
(Finance, Insurance, Administration, Club Governance)
Responsible for financial stewardship, CEO/Executive and governance support, customer relationship management, systems administration and IT/Staff training coordination.

Karyn Blakey
0417 333 504


Operations Manager - Rescue Services and Commercial Training

Supports SLST’s capability and capacity to respond as the peak volunteer aquatic rescue agency and coordinates the delivery of commercial training programs to support the achievement of SLST's vision and mission.

Boyd Griggs
0437 099 973


Coordinator - Lifesaving & Member Training

Provides assistance to the Lifesaving Advisory Committee in the planning, administration, and delivery of the SLST’s lifesaving activities and supports our clubs and members through coordinating training and development. 

Ned Reardon
0488 400 996 


Coordinator - Surf Sports and Commercial Training

Provides assistance to the Surf Sports Advisory Committee  in the planning, administration and delivery of the SLST’s surf sports activities and coordinates the delivery of commercial training programs, in alignment with SLST's strategic plan.

Abbey Fairbrother
0418 360 997


Coordinator - Development

Supports the activities of the Development Advisory Committee and is responsible for coordinating the delivery of member development programs to all age groups, across the state.  

Riley Palmer
0407 162 198
(Tues - Thurs)


Coordinator - Community Programs

Supports SLST’s commitment to Engaging the Community and Save Lives through coordinating community activities and aligning with clubs on community water safety programs across the state.

Nadia Roulias
0427 601 006
(Tues - Thurs)


Administration  Officer

Responsible for the day to day administrative support across SLST’s functions and activities.

Darleen Parker 
03 6216 7800


Project Officer - Flood Swift Water Rescue (FSWR)

This role is instrumental in the planning and development of national FSWR training resources and services aligned to specific tied grant funding. 

Matt Carlin 
0447 768 593
(Tues - Thurs)