SLST State Council

The SLST State Council is comprised of the SLST State President and Presidents of fully affiliated Surf Life Saving Clubs and Volunteer Marine Rescue Units.

Finance, Audit and Compliance Committee

Committee:  Blair Bryant, Scott Parnham

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SLST Operations Executive Committee

Chair:  Graeme Rollins

Committee: Graham Barry, Michael Stolp, Allison Kable, Greg Bird, Jacqueline de Jonge, Philippa Lohrey

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Lifesaving Advisory Committee

State Advisor: Philippa Lohrey

Committee: Brett Norton-Smith, Murphy Knowles, Katarina Cubit, Ciaran McDonald, Tiarna West, Toby Whitton, Geri Doherty

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Development Advisory Committee

State Advisor: Allison Kable

Committee: Lynn Norton-Smith, Mani Gregson, Rhys Evans, Eloise Bound, Mark Cubit, Jai Mollison

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Surf Sports Advisory Committee

State Advisor: Jacqueline de Jonge

Committee:  Brent Armitstead, Deacon Spicer, Don Marsh, Liz Eustace, Hamish Howe, Peter Culhane, Olivia Cripps, Craig Machen, Shayne Jupp, Warwick Lovell, John Lakeland, Lachie Mackinnon 

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Rescue Services Advisory Committee

State Advisor: Greg Bird

Committee: Anthony Flannery, Gabe Gossage, Jacques Stevenson, Jesse Beveridge, Karla Ray, Michael Verrier, Ella Griffin

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Honours and Meritorious Committee

Chair: Stephen Godfrey

Committee: Don Marsh, Brett Norton-Smith, Paul Kenny, Lyn Barratt

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