SLST State Council

The SLST State Council is comprised of the SLST State President and Presidents of fully affiliated Surf Life Saving Clubs and Marine Rescue Units.

SLST Board of Directors

President: Stuart Paine (Email:

Elected Directors: Craig Mackinnon, Paul Hawkins, Lara Emmett, Scott Parnham

Appointed Directors: Gabe Gossage, Blair Bryant, Joce Nettlefold, Simon Eade

Finance, Audit and Compliance Committee

Committee: Kelly Angilley, Blair Bryant, Joss Fenton (Independent)

Contact Email: 

Club Operations Executive Committee

Chair:  Jo Stolp 

Committee: Graham Barry, Michael Stolp, Neil Hargreaves, Allison Kable

Contact email:

Rescue Services Executive Committee

Chair: Paul Hawkins 

Committee: Adrian Petrie, Andrew Fogarty, Greg Bird, Neil Hargreaves

Contact email:

Lifesaving Advisory Committee

Chair: Neil Hargreaves

Committee: Amber Loone, Brett Norton-Smith, Jack Wood, Steph Prendergast, Murphy Knowles, Philippa Lohrey

Contact email:

Interim VMR Advisory Committee

Chair: Andrew Fogarty

Committee: Auston Rotheram, Matthew O'Neil

Contact email:

Development Advisory Committee

Chair: Allison Kable

Committee: Lynn Norton-Smith, Mani Gregson, Rhys Evans, Eloise Bound, Abbey Fairbrother

Contact email:

Surf Sports Advisory Committee

Chair: TBA

Committee: Anthony Chapman, Brent Armitstead, Cathy Woodhouse, Deacon Spicer, Don Marsh, Liz Eustace, Hamish Howe, Peter Culhane

Contact email:

Meritorious Awards Committee

Chair: Stephen Godfrey

Committee: Don Marsh, Brett Norton-Smith, Paul Kenny, Lyn Barratt

Contact email: