SLST Strategic Plan - 2015-2020


In 2014 the SLST Board of Directors undertook the development of the 2015-2020 Strategic Plan.  Many of the Strategic Plans ideas, priorities and inspiration are drawn from the contributions made by SLST's Board, State Council, State Officers, Executive Committees, Staff and members.  The Strategic Plan also reflects SLST's role as the State's peak volunteer aquatic and coastal safety drowing prevention and rescue authority.  

Strategic Priorities

The SLST Strategic Plan aligns with Surf Life Saving Australia's 2020 Strategic Directions and the nine strategic priorities that support this framework.  These are:

  1. Saving Lives 365
  2. Healthy Surf Life Saving Clubs and Volunteer Marine Rescue groups
  3. Government Recognition
  4. Financial Security
  5. Effective State Organisation
  6. Involving all Australians
  7. Learning for Life
  8. Active for Life
  9. Innovative Surf Life Saving