Almost 10 million people are admitted to Australian hospitals each year as the result of an accident or injury. Any one of us may have to perform first aid at some point in our lives and it is vital that all Tasmanians can confidently take control of a potentially life threatening emergencies until professional assistance arrives.

SLST's First Aid Training Courses were formerly known as Level 2 first aid/ Workplace First Aid and is recommended for any person employed as an occupation health and safety or first aid representatives or who needs the qualification for their work. It is also recommended for anybody working as a care worker, sports coach, trainer, educator, or a person working in a high risk environment. 

Our First Aid courses provide participants with knowledge, practical experience and assessment on: OH&S legislation, documentation, hazard identification, legal liabilities, anatomy and physiology, as well as management and treatment for a range of injuries and illnesses. Whilst our CPR courses will equip candidates to act quickly and confidently in an emergency situation. The course focus includes casualty assessment, one and two person CPR, choking, situation management and emergency services communication. 

SLST offers the following First Aid and CPR courses, please click on the relevant course for full details. 

Course delivery options 

SLST offer a range of course delivery options that aim to meet the learners needs and circumstances. Depending on your course, you may have the option to complete online pre-course learning prior to attending the course and therefore the face-to-face contact time is less. Online study allows you to choose where and when you study, at a pace that suits you. It gives you flexibility to work around your other commitments. Whilst this seems to be the preferred choice for our candidates, we continue to offer a range of face-to-face only course options. The definitions for our four course delivery options are;

Blended - Full Course delivered with online pre-course work and then face-to-face. Trainers will ensure candidates complete pre-course online component.

Update / (Blended) - Update Course delivered with online pre-course work and then face-to-face. 

Update -  Update Course delivered face-to-face only. 

Full - New Award, face-to-face delivery only.


SLST Cancellation and Refund Policy

Course Calendar 2018-19



Date Course Location Time  Price Click below to register
14/06/2019  Provide First Aid (Blended)  SLST Hobart 9am-3:30pm $180  Register 
14/06/2019 Provide First Aid Update (Blended)                    SLST Hobart  9am-3:30pm $90 Register 
14/06/2019 Provide CPR Update (Blended) SLST Hobart  9am- 11am $50 Register
11/07/2019 Provide First Aid (Blended) PCYC Launceston  9am-3:30pm $180 Register 
11/07/2019 Provide First Aid Update (Blended) PCYC Launceston  9am-3:30pm $90 Register 
11/07/2019 Provide CPR Update (Blended) PCYC Launceston 9am- 11am $50 Register
12/07/2019 Provide First Aid (Blended) Ulverstone SLSC 9am-3:30pm $180 Register 
12/07/2019 Provide First Aid Update (Blended) Ulverstone SLSC 9am-3:30pm $90 Register
12/07/2019 Provide CPR Update (Blended) Ulverstone SLSC 9am- 11am $50 Register
26/07/2019 Provide First Aid (Blended) SLST Hobart 9am-3:30pm $180 Register
26/07/2019 Provide First Aid Update (Blended) SLST Hobart 9am-3:30pm $90 Register 
26/07/2019 Provide CPR Update (Blended) SLST Hobart 9am- 11am $50 Register