Australia has almost 11,500 beaches around our beautiful coastline and we all love heading to the beach during our long, hot summers. The beach can be a magnificent playground, but there are many hidden dangers we need to be aware of to make sure that our time at the beach is safe, as well as enjoyable.

Surf Life Saving Tasmania, along with its clubs and volunteers around the state, support a number of education programs including:

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International Support

Among the many services provided to the Tasmanian community, SLST provides international support through training, advice and assistance.

Over the past several years SLST has delivered training and programs in;

  • Fiji
  • India
  • South Africa
  • Samoa
  • Taiwan
  • Seychelles
  • Mauritius
  • Brunei


23 May, 2017. Samoa – A safer water experience for all is the goal behind the Surf Life Saving (SLS) training currently underway for accommodation providers and tourist sites throughout the country.

The training is being carried out by the Samoa Tourism Authority (STA) with technical expertise from two certified Australian Surf Lifesaving trainers, here through the Australian Youth Ambassador programme.

The programme is in its fifth year and the Surf Life Saving Techniques include Basic First Aid, CPR and Water Rescue training. It’s designed to upskill industry members in Upolu and Savaii and this year will also be offering a refresher course for staff that completed SLS courses in previous years.

There will be 5 different groups training at five different locations and doing the one week programme.

The first training was carried out at Lalomanu in the beginning of this month for the eastern side of Upolu, where 18 candidates attended from the accommodation providers and tourist sites on that side of Upolu Island.

Participants each received a certificate at the completion of the course with representatives from Vaitaia Beach Fales, Manusina Beach Fales, Sieni Ropeti Beach Fales, Taufua Beach Fales, Malo Beach Fales, Laloifi Oceanview Beach Fales, Anita’s Beach Bungalows, Sopoaga Waterfalls, Seabreeze Resort, and Saletoga Sands Resort.

The Surf Lifesaving programme came about in response to the 2009 tsunami. In May 2010 the Government of Samoa and the Government of Australia commenced a program known as the Volunteer Emergency Response Team – Water Safety Programme (VERTWSP). The volunteers involved with VERT-WSP were trained in Bronze Medallion Courses.

To strengthen this capacity, AusAID approved a three year program, where two Australian Youth Ambassadors for Development (AYADs) would be mobilized each year from 2011 to 2013 and hosted by the Samoa Tourism Authority to deliver training programs to tourist resort staff and local residents.

To ensure the sustainability of the SLS Program in Samoa, STA committed in recruiting volunteers so that trainings can be continued for the future.

The next dates for trainings this year are listed below.

  • 22nd-24th May Siumu/Falealili – Surf Survival, First Aid & CPR 5th-6th June
  • Manase – Surf Survival, First Aid & CPR 7th-8th June Asau – Surf Survival, First Aid & CPR 14th-16th June Apia – Surf Survival, First Aid &
  • CPR 22nd June STA Refresher Course – Basic First Aid & CPR 26th June NUS Tourism – Basic First Aid & CPR.

Source: Samoa Tourism Authority,

By Staff Reporter, Samoa Planet