Check the conditions - whether you're surfing, kayaking or boating, familiarise yourself with the local conditions and the weather forecast.

The Bureau of Meteorology uses social media to share information and engage with the Australian community. They are active on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the Bureau blog.

Their website is their primary and most up-to-date source of information including all forecasts and warnings. Their social media channels supplement, but do not replace, the comprehensive information on our website. Their social media channels must never be solely relied on for information.


Join more than half a million others as a friend of the Bureau on our Facebook page, which provides images and general information about the weather and climate. We display photos submitted from the public and let you know about new Bureau reports and products. We do not use Facebook to provide weather updates and warnings.


Where 24/7 forecasting operations allow, the Bureau tweets about current and impending weather, especially significant weather events, including cyclones, tsunami and floods. The tweets are generally linked to information on the Bureau website which remains the most up-to-date and comprehensive official source of information. The accounts are mostly used one way to share information but not engage in conversation.



Visit the Blog for a more in-depth look at weather phenomena and historical anecdotes.


Watch the Bureau's monthly Climate and Water Outlook videos, or check out other videos that explain our products and services on YouTube. We do not have comments open on YouTube.